Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

A Shanghai motorist spent two weeks trying to get a complete stranger to say ‘hello’ before finally succeeding.

While commuting into work daily, one friendly scooter rider spotted the same man dressed in a light blue jumpsuit and cream helmet lounging on his bike.

PIC FROM Caters News

After nine days straight of saying ‘ni hao’ without any response, the chilled motorist eventually responds to the greeting.

Amazingly, on the twelfth day the jumpsuit wearing man pre-emptively greets the owner of the Instagram account Shanghai Observed.

He said: “When he started to say ‘hi’ back it felt like I achieved something as lame as that sounds.

“The first time he responded he actually says it after I’ve passed him off camera, almost as if he was hesitating to reply.

“Seeing it all edited together made me think of the process of making a new friend.

“When he initiated for the first time, I instantly knew this was an organic time to end the project.

“Now I just say hello off camera, we’re friends.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Shanghai Observed’s owner first spotted his new friend a month ago, drawn to his uniform and the fact he was posted in the same location every day.

He said: “At first, I thought he was a cop but it didn’t seem to be so.

“He just seemed like a super chill guy and was a fixture of the neighbourhood.

“I think that’s what inspired me to say ‘hi’ to him.

“Anyways I decided I could turn it into a project where I would say ‘ni hao’ every time I would pass by him.

“To give more context I would be more or less ambushing him with a hello.

“Most of the time he was probably surprised by my hello, in the middle of a conversation or sleeping as you can see in this picture.”