Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This is the amusing moment a man showed off his incredible camouflage skills by standing dead still as a large group of elk simply circled just FEET AWAY.

In the eye-opening footage, Chris Burandt can be seen pressed tightly against a tree as the oblivious elk move right around him.

Pic by Chris Burandt / Caters –

At one point, an elk even moves to within touching distance of Chris’ right arm – only for the well-hidden adventurer to remain deadly still, as not to scare the animal.

When the animals eventually scarper – a moment caused by noise elsewhere – Chris, from Buena Vista, Colorado, USA, can be seen turning to the camera with a look of sheer amazement on his face.

The footage was captured on September 15, 2017, near Kremmling, Colorado, USA.

There were 12 elks in total, Chris said, and having shown the footage to number of friends and family since, many have testified that they have never seen anything like this in the wild.

Chris, 39, said: “Being out in elk country the month of September is pretty magical.

Pic by Chris Burandt / Caters

“This particular morning we were able to position ourselves perfectly with the wind in our favor.

“With the wind right and sitting perfectly still, we were literally able to be amongst the herd.

“Close encounters like this are few and far between.

“That’s what makes this experience so exciting.”