By Mollie Mansfield

A Wes Anderson fangirl has converted her home into an Airbnb inspired by her favourite film director.

Pic by ARAS Imaging / Caters News

Dayna Winter, 38, decided to buy a house in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, last year as part of a new real estate venture.

The Canadian writer quickly decided to convert each room of her newly purchased house to fit the theme of different Wes Anderson films.

But budgeting and creating her own themed décor has allowed Dayna to spend just over £6,000 [$10,000 CAD] on the house, which she now rents out as an Airbnb.

Now, Dayna is almost permanently fully booked and has rooms in her house ranging from the camp theme of Moonrise Kingdom, to the beauty of Royal Tenenbaums.

Pic by ARAS Imaging / Caters News

Dayna said: “When I first let the house out people initially came because they liked the house or the area, but now that people have seen the house, I’m finding many of my guests are coming specifically for the theme.

“I live here full time now, but I rent it out to guests from all over the world on most weekends.

“I’m definitely a fan of his movies, but I like his design aesthetic the most!

“I’ve dressed up as Wes Anderson characters for Halloweens on many occasions, so it seemed like a great fit and a fun challenge for me to choose that theme for the house.

“I wanted to do something different in an area that was already busy with vacation rentals. Because I made my home available in the late holiday season last year, I wanted it to stand out.”

Pic by ARAS Imaging / Caters News

Dayna’s £141 per night ‘Mr. Anderson’s House’ currently has a five-star rating on the Airbnb website and is currently booked up until December.

Dayna added: “I admit I have regretted choosing this theme on a few occasions – Wes Anderson is a huge director with huge budgets – whilst I’m just one girl with a tiny budget.

“I’ve only spent between $10-12,000 (CAD) on furniture and décor, because a lot of it I either owned before, bought from thrift stores or made myself.

“The project has become somewhat of a family project, my father built the Moonrise Kingdom ‘CAMP’ sign, and my mother has helped with finicky vintage wallpaper.

“The design could be a lot better if I had an unlimited budget, but it’s a very fun challenge to do it with constraints.

Pic by ARAS Imaging / Caters News

“I have a Suzy Bishop inspired den from Moonrise Kingdom, Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums’ bedroom, a study worth of Max Fischer from Rushmore and Steve Zissou, from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, underwater living room.

“I’m currently working on creating a homage to the famous pink wall on the Tenenbaum staircase, as The Royal Tenenbaums is my favourite and the first of his films that I watched.

“Once the kitchen is completed it will be my favourite. The two Moonrise Kingdom rooms are the closest to being complete.”