By Jamie Smit

This plucky weasel made a lucky escape – wrestling himself free from the beak of a hungry heron in full view of bemused bystanders in a park.

Pic by Lesley Allen/Caters News 

The images, captured by 62-year-old photographer, Lesley Allen, show the little weasel prise open the heron’s beak and make a bid for freedom in Peterborough, Cambs.

The heron appears to think that the wily creature would have made the perfect lunch – but despite coming within inches of being swallowed down, he manages to slip away, and make a speedy dash across the playing field.

Lesley said: “The heron appeared with the weasel on the opposite bank of the River Nene.

Pic by Lesley Allen/Caters News

“It wriggled and struggled for almost four minutes, then it finally managed to escape and ran off squealing, pursued by the heron.

“He had a lucky escape though.”

Lesley, a retired pharmacy dispenser, from Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, travelled to the area to capture wild photography.