By Charlotte Nisbet

An obese man has finally found love after dropping 10 stone to become a fitness model.

Wayne Martin, 39, was a 22 stone party animal before swapping his takeaway addiction for protein shakes and daily gym visits.

Pic by Caters News

It was a midlife crisis with a difference, Wayne – who had zero confidence – decided to transform his life and finally find love.

Now living in Manchester, Wayne competed in his first fitness competition this year and won the title at Pure Elite for the best transformation.

After meeting his partner, Sean Coates, 24, last year, Wayne has never been happier at 12 stone and hopes to show others that despite your age, anything is possible.

The design manager said: “I used to have a can of coke for breakfast every day and five takeaways per week.

Pic by Caters News

“My diet was out of control and as I headed towards 40, I started to feel trapped in my own body.

“I had beers every night after work and would live off takeaways as they were quick and easy.

“I had no idea how to lose weight but as I was living in Australia at the time, I decided to order pre-prepared healthy weight loss meals that I’d eat 3 times per day”

“I’d lost half my body weight in just 12 months but I’d almost become too thin.

“My own mum didn’t

Pic by Caters News

recognise me and I decided I needed a new focus so I started at the gym in 2014 to rebuild my body.

“I then entered a fitness contest and earlier this year I won my first competition, I was so proud of myself.

“And after losing the weight I finally found the confidence to start dating and that’s when I met Sean.

“We are so in love and I couldn’t be happier that after spending all my adult life obese, that I finally have the man of my dreams.”

Wayne is hoping to inspire others to fulfil their dreams no matter their age or current situation.

He added: “I used to be so obese that no clothes would fit me.

“I’d struggle to make friends and often felt ignored as people judged my appearance rather than my personality.

“I was once told by a sales assistant in a designer store that ‘this is not your kind of shop.’

Pic by Caters News

“It was humiliating and I left embarrassed by my size but I had no idea how to change.

“But once I started my healthy meal plan and exercising the weight started to fall off.

“I now weigh 14 stone but at one point I weighed 12 and people did warn me that I looked too thin.

“I am currently training every single day as I’m now classed as a professional fitness model and will be entering the global championships in April 2018.

“I’d never have met someone like Sean before my transformation, he’s half my age but thanks to my weightloss I don’t look or feel my age.

“I’ve got tonnes more energy now and I can step on stage with bags of confidence and self-belief.

“I’m still trying to achieve the body of my dreams and after stepping up the amount of protein I eat and training every day, my metabolism is much higher now.

“I hope others read my story and realise that it’s never too late to give up on life, it’s never too late.”


BREAKFAST: Can of full fat coke

LUNCH: Sausage roll and chips with another coke

DINNER: Pizza / Chinese or Indian takeaway / kebab

EXTRAS: Beer / coke / chips


BREAKFAST: Oats with almond milk, greek yogurt and black coffee

LUNCH:  Chicken, white rice / mince beef, pasta and peppers / meat balls with rice and vegetables

DINNER: Steak with sweet potatoes