Offbeat Video

By Lauren Fruen

THIS is the incredible moment a brave puppy trained to teach kids to swim goes to rescue her dog partner who has fallen from a surf board.

Labrador retriever Cori is part of the same team as famous Surf Dog Ricochet and rushed to help her pet pal when she fell into trouble.

Pic by Judy Fridono / Caters News

In one extraordinary clip nine-month-old Cori – who wears a specialist lifejacket to help children with swimming – spots that Ricochet has fallen into the water.

She then rushes over to help Ricochet, guiding her to the water’s edge and helping her get out of the swimming pool.

Amazed onlookers watch on as she takes Ricochet to safety.

Ricochet became an internet hit when footage of her surfing in San Diego, California with kids went viral.

And she now has a partner in Cori who has a natural urge to jump into water when she hears splashing, according to her owners.

Pic by Judy Fridono / Caters News

The pair of them now go surfing together as amazing videos of the pair shows. Ricochet has even helped her friend when it comes to learning how to surf.

Cori is trained to help more than one child at a time to swim, towing them using the handles on the back of her lifejacket.

Along with a trained swimming instructor Cori also encourages the children to get into the pool.

Owner Judy Fridono said: “The first time Cori encountered a swimming pool, she was 16 weeks old and terrified.

“It took time, patience and baby steps, but her fear transcended into a life-saving initiative.

“She started showing an instinct for water rescue when she was nine months old.

Pic by Judy Fridono / Caters News

“She is very focused and attentive when kids are in the water, and has a natural tendency to jump in when she hears splashing.

“Cori works with organisations that teach kids with special needs to swim.

“Cori is able to break down barriers often experienced between swim instructors and students.

“Some kids have refused to get in the pool with an instructor, but they willingly get in with Cori.

“Parents who have been taking their kids to swim lessons for years are thrilled to see improvement after just one session with Cori.

“Kids become more inclined to try things when they know Cori will keep them safe.

Pic by Judy Fridono / Caters News

“To get kids closer to the pool and ease their trepidation, they are encouraged to throw balls or toys for Cori to retrieve.”