Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

Incredible footage shows a drone racer performing amazing tricks around a moving train.

The drone captured some seemingly impossible footage of the moving freight train from every possible angle.


Paul Nurkkala, 26, from Indiana, USA, is a professional drone racer, and filmed this footage at a mountain range just outside of Reno, Nevada.

Paul said: “The goal for this video was to get to the top of the mountains at the range, and then to fly back down the mountain through the bridge.

“When the drone arrived at the top of the mountain, one of my friends announced that a train was on the way, so I turned the drone around and headed back down the mountain, and flew near the train.


“Nothing was planned, and it was just a spur of the moment attempt.

“Every single trick needed to be one-upped by the last, so we just kept pushing until it either crashed, or ran out of battery.

“Luckily, the latter was true.”