Animals Video

By Hannah McFadyen

These adorable ponies just can’t stop going round in circles.

The playful Shetland pony foals look like they’re having a brilliant time as they chase each other round their circular pen.

Alyson Blamey, 64, looks after the little creatures at her Devonshire farm Collytown Shetland Stud. She says this is a frequent occurrence as the ponies are still quite young. Alyson said: “The foals had been in for the morning and this video was taken just after we let them out.

“They do it every time we put them out, they take off and run all the way around the round fences – it’s just for a bit of fun.

PIC FROM Caters News

“There are six in total and they’ve recently been weaned, they’re around five months old so they love to play.

“I guess we’ve gotten used to it because I really didn’t expect the reaction it got when we put it online. There were so many people liking it and commenting.”

Shetland ponies come from the Scottish Shetland Isles and are known for their stumpy legs and thick fluffy coats. They range in height from 28 to 42 inches.

Alyson started Collytown Shetland in 1997 and it’s now home to over 100 of these little ponies.