Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This loving fiancé really STRETCHED his imagination to find the best way to propose.

Crossfit coach Chaz Zenga tricked his girlfriend Dana Kirkland into performing a warm-up exercise at the beginning of a class.

However, while she focused on lifting the weight correctly, fellow coach and friend Zach Hood sneakily whips a ring out of his pocket and hands it to Chaz, who is already kneeling.

When Zach takes the weight off her and she looks down, Chaz is presenting her with an engagement ring.

After a disbelieving “shut up” the couple embrace and then are mobbed by their friends in the exercise class.

The video was shot by a mutual friend, Kori Phillips, at 229 Crossfit in Albany, Georgia.

Pic from Caters News

Dana, a commercial account manager, said: “I thought we were demonstrating a new stretch the entire class was about to do. As it was my birthday I thought we were the class guinea pigs.

“Before every class starts we always stretch as a whole and we are always learning new stretches so it didn’t feel like anything out of the ordinary.

“But little did I know they had a secret plan.

“The only people who knew were the coach Zach, one of our best friends Kori, and our parents. I always said I wanted my proposal to be a complete surprise not only to my but to my friends as well so he did a great job!

“Everyone was shocked but so excited for us. Our friends immediately grabbed us and were jumping up and down with excitement so Chaz never got the chance to put the ring on my finger until everyone calmed down.

“I also had no idea my mum was waiting in the parking lot so she did not ruin the surprise.

“She walked into the room bawling her eyes out, tears of joy of course, which made me cry too.”

Pic from Caters News

Dana, 25, and Chaz, 27, met around seven years ago through mutual friends and but did not start dating until February 2016 for fear of ruining their friendship. 

Chaz used to compete in body building shows and started Crossfit classes three years ago before becoming a coach.

Back in May he finally convinced Dana to switch from her spin classes to join him.

Dana said: “We work out together every day. The proposal fit us so well because we are both very passionate about the gym and spend a lot of time there.

“We love our gym family and I was so excited they were able to be part of the big day.”

The video since went viral, drawing over 15 million views and friend requests and messages from people all over the world.

Dana said: “We are so happy that everyone loved it just as much as we did, but we never expected such a crazy response to the post.

“We are hoping it inspired people that true love really does exist, and maybe even gave some other people some ideas and courage on how to propose to their significant other as well.”