By Lauren Fruen

A B&B owner has managed to turn rubbish, including old swimming pools and bars stools, into life size replica war planes.

History buff Ian Baron has used the recycled materials, including t.v. Aerials, farm gates and metal shelving, to build five fighter jets in his back garden.

The 65-year-old said he was inspired after visiting the Henry Ford museum and now gives walking tours of his impressive collection.

The planes are kept in the grounds of the home in Ontario, Canada he shares with wife Luverne, 62.

From there the couple have run Model ‘A’ Acres B&B for the last 15 years.

PIC FROM Caters News

Retired mechanic Ian said: “I started making the planes in 2005. We had visited the Henry Ford museum and I was inspired.

“I saw one plane which looked to be made from corrugated metal. I thought to myself that the walls of above ground swimming pools were made from corrugated metal.

“I thought ‘I have enough metal around to make a plane’.

“So far I have used 35 above ground swimming pools – I’ve got a lot of mileage out of swimming pools.

“But I have also used the fence posts that come with it.

“Most of the material is local. Word has got out and now people call me up to say they have material I can use.

“I have three more pools lined up here for the next project.

“I also go to scrap yards to look for material. I actually found some old bar stools which I used on the spitfire.

“I have built five planes so far and I have just started my sixth.

“We are fortunate enough that I can keep the planes at home – it makes for a nice setting.

“I have the World War One planes on one side of the drive and the World War Two planes on the other.

“I also have a tank that I can drive and a steam train replica made entirely of recycled materials.”

PIC FROM Caters News

The dad-of-two said even his daughters helped out with the recycled materials, donating their old playground items to the cause.

Ian – who works on the models all year round – added: “It started with my father. He always had a tractor apart and I learned from him.

“When I was 15 or 16 I started to build doombuggies.

“My daughters donated their playground equipment when they got older. I had built them swings and slides and that’s now been used in the planes.”

His wife Luverne said: “Ian is pretty creative in the way he designs and builds things.

“I only get called to help with lifting things or when he needs an extra pair of hands.

“We have people come to stay at the B&B especially for the planes and few couples have had their wedding photos here too.”