Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This incredible amateur sculptor turned a Halloween nightmare into a terrifying reality by creating a freakishly realistic model of Pennywise the clown, which he’s now offering for auction.

An iconic figure of Halloween folklore, Pennywise the Clown, from Stephen King’s ‘IT’, has been terrifying the masses for the last three decades, but now, thanks to self-taught sculptor Nicholas Brown, that worst nightmare has become an all-too-realistic reality.

Complete with the iconic menacing glare and light-up eyes, the life-sized bust took Nicholas ten days to make in his home, in Belfast, plus an additional four-days to dry.

Having only started sculpting six months ago, thanks to inspiration from other YouTubers, Nicholas’ channel, ‘LoreCraft’, has seen him create a number of other iconic characters, including Game of Throne’s Night King, and DARKNESS, from Ridley Scott’s ‘Legend’.


Nicholas, originally from the U.S., who hopes to one day open his sculpture own shop, said: “I have absolutely no professional training in this area – I started playing with clay as a kid and really enjoyed it.

“But six months ago, I had a ‘now or never’ moment, and decided to invest in some supplies to see how far I could take sculpting.

“I’m just as surprised as anyone. I had no idea I could do this, and I would love to able to do it full time someday.

“Everything is one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted, with no moulds or casts.

“I’m astonished with how well the sculpture has been received, reading all of the lovely comments definitely makes my day.


“I’ve had many requests to buy Pennywise and make other specific models.

“I’d love to own my own workshop one day, but for now I’m a solo guy working out of his apartment, hoping for the best.

“Following its reception, I’ve decided to sell Pennywise online.”

To bid on Nicholas’ one-of-a-kind sculpture, click here: