Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This cute kitty has one special meow – she’s sounds like a tiny Chewbacca.

Hyacinth the cat has some very unique sounds but this one is by far the most adorable.

Latvian Kate Kaulakalna, Hyacinth’s owner says that Hyacinth was rescued from a shelter and is a one off. The 22 year old said: “Hyacinth is one of a kind kitty – she is her own breed. We got her from an animal shelter and she does the noise all the time.

“Visitors are quite entertained by her behaviour. She is very sociable around our guests. Our friends and family say she is the most adorable kitten.

She even has her own Instagram account, run with a little help from Kate – who says she’s a cat of many talents.

Pic from Caters News

“One of her signature quirks is standing on two feet – she does that to get attention from us or a treat.

Sadly, it turns out that Hyacinth hasn’t watched Star Wars, but she does enjoy curling up for an occasional film.

“Hyacinth has not yet watched Star Wars, because she has other, more exciting business to do, like chewing on little toy mice.”

“One day I hope to create an animated video series, where Hyacinth could teach something valuable to humans through her experience”