Video Viral

By Ben Walley

Daredevils have been filmed slipping and spinning down the steep Plymouth pavement but it’s what they’re riding that’ll shock you.

They’re drift trikers – they use specially designed trikes to spin and slide across pavements as they plummet down steep hills.

This footage was taken by Chris Taylor from Somerset – a 27 year old drift triker who lives for the sport, he said: “We love the sport and we’re always trying to find new spots and new places to go.

“This video shows a few different groups that meet together as an event in the UK – we come from all over the place.

“We love building new trikes and testing them and we all work hard but play harder as you can see.

Pic from Chris Taylor / Caters News

“Whenever we go drift triking I always make a video of that day. They feature different spots that we go to.”

Drift triking is growing in popularity across the globe, with the sport originating in New Zealand.

While you probably haven’t heard of this extreme sport before, it’s not for kids and you should definitely wear a helmet.

Drift trikes have slick rear wheels, usually made out of hard plastic. These specialised wheels ensure that they’re able to spin and lose traction.

The sport stems from the popularity of drift racing and car enthusiast culture.