Animals Video


By Mike Jones

This dog was weighed down by a massive SIX POUND tumour, but now after surgery he’s finally free.

Clyde, a one-year-old Shepherd and Husky cross, started growing a tumour on his underneath.

Growing bigger and bigger, Clyde was restricted from every day movements such as going for walks and runs.

But now, after having the 6lbs, 4oz tumour removed Clyde is free to roam around again.


Katie Goodpaster, who works for the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) Rescue in Mason, Ohio, has been recording his process since the operation.

Katie said: “Clyde was surrendered to Gallatin County shelter by his owner, who demanded Clyde be euthanized before leaving.

“The shelter reached out to HART and asked if we could take him, we agreed and one of their volunteers drove him to our vet’s office.


“The doctor then preformed a two hour long surgery to remove the mass.

“The tumour is being sent to an outside lab to be biopsied, and Clyde’s future course of treatment will depend on whether or not the tumour is benign.

“Clyde is feeling better, and lighter! He is happy and healing.”