By Hayley Pugh

When it comes to whale watching it’s all about being in the right place at the right time…but of course you have to be looking the right way too!

These two kayakers were so engrossed by something they had dropped into the water they missed a once in a lifetime opportunity when two giant humpback whales surfaced right next to their boat – and they were looking the wrong way.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News

As these funny pictures show, the oblivious mother and son team can be seen trying to fish something out of the water in Monterey Bay, California.

As they do, not one, but two enormous humpback whales emerge from the water, just behind their kayak and only a few feet away.

The unlucky pair paddle away, unaware that they have missed such an awesome moment.

The hilarious snaps were taken by photographer, Jodi Frediani, as she watched from on board Monterey Bay Whale Watch’s Sea Wolf II.

Pic by Jodi Frediani/Caters News

She said: “When humpback whales start feeding near shore in Monterey Bay, kayakers take advantage of the opportunity to get up close and personal. But it does help to be looking in the right direction.

“If the purpose of one’s paddle is to see the 12 to 16 metre long, 40 ton whales, this pair seemed to be having a particularly hard time keeping track of the whales passing close by.

“On this particular morning the conditions were perfect. The sea was calm, the sun shining brightly, the whales were plentiful, and some common dolphins were also in at the area feeding alongside the whales on abundant anchovies.

“One pair of kayakers, which appeared to be a mother and son, seemed to have a particularly hard time figuring out which way to look but it made for some funny photos.”