Offbeat Video

 By Charles Creasey

This is the moment a daredevil’s bid to tackle a skateboard ramp on a SCOOTER at 40mph ended in the ‘ultimate fail’ – as he flew off it and landed on concrete with the vehicle on top of him.

Theo Da Costa was watching his pal, known only as Polo the Stuntman, do tricks on a Piaggio scooter at a skate park near Angers in France on October 11.

The 20-year-old was stunned when Polo took the skate ramp at 40mph and shot into the air, only to come crashing to the ground backwards and land in a heap with the near-200kilo vehicle on top of him. 

Miraculously, Polo was unharmed and there was only minor damage to the 50cc Piaggio.

Theo said: “It’s such a funny video. It’s awesome and I hope it makes people laugh.

“The guy was just there with his friends, about to mess around with the scooter and do tricks.

“He was gearing up, set off and we were all excited to watch but then things took a turn for the worse.

“He met his ‘unfortunate demise’ at the bottom of the ramp. The aim I think was to land back on the ramp but the stunt went wrong. 

“When he was laid there at the bottom of the ramp it seemed serious but it was more a case of being shaken by the incident than actually being hurt.

“I have to admit I was really scared when he fell but in the end it was quite comical because he just wasn’t injured at all.

“He’s fine now and he wasn’t wounded at all. I think on the whole it’s quite a funny video.”

Footage shows Polo take the first bump confidently before accelerating towards the higher ramp.

However, despite hoping to make a soft landing back on the ramp, Polo’s scooter stalls in the air and falls backwards onto the ground. 

Theo says that although shaken, Polo was unharmed at the end of the video, and didn’t require any medical attention. 

The video proved so popular on social media with 11,000 likes and shares that the duo are using it to launch Polo the Stuntman’s very own Facebook page.

Theo said: “I’ve even created a profile page for ‘Polo the Stuntman’ due to the number of shares. 

“At first, I think like everybody else I was just excited to see the stunt he was going to do.

 “I ride scooters and motorbikes, and they’re my daily transport to work so they’re something I’m really into.

“We can’t reveal his name because he doesn’t want to be identified, but he’s okay with the nickname I’ve given him ‘Polo the stuntman’. 

“Like I said, it was only his pride that was injured as a result. I’m an old friend of the guy in the video so it’s not that big a deal.

“I wanted to share it to show how there are some crazy people in this world.”