Life Video

By Taniya Dutta

An Indian man has miraculously survived after being stabbed in the neck with a huge knife – that was stuck 15cm deep into his neck.

Venkata Ram Prasad, 43, was wheeled into hospital with a knife still embedded in his neck to Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore in southern India.


Prasad had been attacked by unidentified assailant while he was returning from a court that was hearing his divorce petition.

He was brought to the hospital after seven hours from a distance of 250 kms by police.

All the while, Prasad had been consciously lying on his stomach in the ‘prono-position’ and had even urinated in his pants.

As Prasad could not be lied on his back, the doctors decided to give him anaesthesia in the position he had arrived.

Dr Prasanna, anaesthetist said: “Administrating anesthesia without turning Prasad on to a ‘supine position’ was difficult. We decided to give anesthesia in the position he had arrived.”

The next challenge for the doctors was to position him for surgery without moving his upper body and neck.


A team of doctors led by Dr Avinash K M, Consultant – Neurosurgery, traced the knife to its tip surgically and eased it out in three-hour-long operation.

“The CT scan revealed that the knife had pierced into the spinal chord. The weapon had gone 15 cm inside his body and posed multiple challenges.

“The patient was shifted to the ICU, where he made a remarkable recovery. Prasad is undergoing physiotherapy and expected to regain his full bodily functions though one of his hands will continue to be weak,” said Dr Avinash.

Venkata, who hails from Ananthapur, was riding his motorbike when a bike-borne attacker stabbed him with a knife.

The sharp knife hit his nape, shattering the spinal cord and leading to extensive bleeding.

While the assailant fled immediately after the attack, Prasad laid unconscious on the road covered in a pool of blood until police arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

He underwent emergency surgery on the same night of the incident.


It is suspected that Venkat’s wife estranged Kalyani had hired a gang to kill her husband.

An officer on request of anonymity said: “We are interrogating Prasad’s wife Kalyani. We suspect she and a four member gang hatched the murder. But investigation is still on and we cannot give much information at the moment. Their marriage was under strain and she had filed for divorce alleging she was being mentally and physically harassed by her husband.”