Offbeat Video


By Ben Walley

This prankster has caught the moment he kicked his skydiving pal out of a plane and watched him plummet to the ground.

Dustin Paulsen was on his 400th skydiving jump when he hatched a plan to kick his friend out of the plane door before his dive.

The skydiver, from South Dakota, US, was in hysterics as his friend failed to let go and proceeded to bounce off the plane.

PIC FROM Caters News

The experienced diver laughed all the way down to the ground as he replayed his video to friends.

Dustin said: “In skydiving it is common that for any ‘double zero’ jump that you do something a little more fun or special.

“This was my 400th jump, so this kick was actually planned.

“The plan was that he would stand in the door and I would kick him out.

“It was briefed that he would let go of the bar as I kick him and it would appear as if I kicked him out spartan style.

PIC FROM Caters News

“For whatever reason he failed to let go and proceeded to bounce out of the plane in a rather ungraceful manner.

“It was easily the funniest jump I have seen or been a part of and laughed all the way to the ground until I collapsed on the ground from laughing so hard.

“Everyone at the dropzone that night got lots of laughs from the video.”