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By Laura Dale

This predator is out to catch fish with his BEAR-HANDS.

The powerful brown bear stationed himself near a bridge on the Ozernaya River in the South Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary in Russia.

As the salmon made their way from the Sea of Okhotsk to Lake Kurile, home to the largest gathering of sokeye salmon in Asia, the bear lay in wait for a lucrative haul.

Mike Korostelev / Caters News

A close-up video shows the imposing male climbing into the water before staying dead still.

When a salmon gets close enough, he lashes out with both paws to seize it before climbing back out of the water with a tasty meal.

Russian Mikhail Korostelev was able to get close enough to the bear with his camera to capture the action.

Mikhail said: “This bear was fishing almost every day near the bridge. He was clearly having a lot of success there.

Mike Korostelev / Caters News

“I decided to put my GoPro on a monopod and place it in the water to see how well he was fishing.

“The bear put his head under the water and looked for fish. For a long time he doesn’t move as he waits for the fish to come closer. Then he strikes decisively.

“It was a really exciting moment to get so close to a bear. I was so close I could feel his breath.

“It’s not quite as dangerous as it might have been. Photographers and tourists constantly come here and national park rangers live here all year round, so the bears are used to people and trust them.

Mike Korostelev / Caters News

“There are lots of fishes that come through here every day. The salmon swim along the Ozernaya River from the Okhotskoe Sea to Lake Kuril to spawn.

“This bear is the biggest male in the area. Other bears are afraid of him and he has sometimes killed younger ones. Because of that he normally fishes along.”