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By Katy Gill

These three brothers jump for joy at finding out they are finally going to have a sister.

After fighting over which of them should be allowed to pop the gender-reveal balloon, the boys end up in tears when they get their wish.

All three wanted a little girl to join their family, and the loud burst of pink confetti confirms they will have a baby sister.

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Cooper, 10, Rylan, eight, and Harper, six, then run around their gran’s house in celebration.

Their mum Julie-Ann, 38, said: “The boys were screaming at the front door with excitement and couldn’t wait to find out.

“We certainly didn’t expect such a reaction when we popped the balloon.

“Our middle son Rylan is a really sensitive soul and not your typical boys boy, so he was very desperate for a sister and wanted it to be a girl from the moment we told them we were having a baby.

“I had convinced him it would be a boy though, so he wouldn’t be too upset. When the balloon burst and everyone saw it was a girl it was pure shock and disbelief.

“Rylan burst into tears hugging me and said ‘I’m crying because I am so happy mummy’.

“He is still so excited weeks after finding out that he has used his own savings to buy her five outfits.

“She is going to be a lucky girl with three doting big brothers!”

Julie-Ann, a stay-at-home mum from Victoria, Australia, was originally disappointed when the day did not look like it would pan out as she had planned.

Her first sonography at 19 weeks proved inconclusive and, so as not to disappoint the boys, she rushed to find another appointment that would let them know if it was a boy or a girl.

She said: “We decided to do a gender reveal of the baby I am currently pregnant with.

“My husband, mum and myself knew the sex of the baby having just had the ultrasound that day.

“We went straight to my mother-in-law’s house as she was looking after out three boys after school.

PIC FROM Caters News

“They were all eagerly waiting to find out the sex, and we had told them we would do some sort of surprise reveal for them to make it fun.

“The sonographer had done all the required checks and at the end we asked if she could tell the gender, but as she couldn’t get a clear image she said she could not be confident either way.

“We knew the boys would be disappointed like we were about not knowing the gender, so we went home and googled companies that do gender scans.

“We were really lucky to get an appointment that day and we had to drive for 50 minutes to have the ultrasounds.

“Within three minutes the sonographer told me it was a little girl.

“After having three boys I felt I was destined to only have boys, so I asked if he was sure. He said yes, and in the end wrote on the ultrasound image ‘I am a little girl’ when I still couldn’t quite believe him.

“I phoned my husband Ravi and he wanted to know straight away. He was over the moon with the news.”

The baby is due on January 28.