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By Ben Walley

This man’s sobs of nervousness instantly turn into tears of joy as he sees colours for the first time.

Surrounded by vivid flowers in a botanical garden, Ross Morum quickly realises what his wife Pascale and his friends have bought him for his birthday.

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To begin with, he is too nervous to try out the pair of Enchroma glasses, which help colour blind people to see colours properly.

But after a long build-up he finally puts them on and immediately bursts into tears at the vibrant flowers around him.

His wife goes over to comfort him before he starts taking in the colours of the plants up close.

Ross, from Durban in South Africa, received the glasses for his 30th birthday at the Durban Botanical Gardens.

He said: “I am an ‘extreme deutan’ – I know because took the Enchroma test online and have a red/green deficiency.

“The best example I know is a picture of a fruit stall where every item looks a shade of green. I can’t tell the difference between that picture and a colour picture.

“After we got married in March last year, my wife Pascale organised for all of my friends to put money towards the glasses.

PIC FROM Caters News

“A friend of ours was in the US in August so Pascale purchased them online and had them sent to the friend so she could bring them home with her.

“The whole thing was a complete surprise for me. I had never been sure about the glasses because I didn’t want to know what I was missing, but a few months ago I did mention to my wife I would be keen to try them.

“I was never aware that I was colour blind. I always thought I was just bad with colours as I would often get blue and purple, red and green, yellow and orange and red and pink confused with each other.

“When I opened my card at the botanical gardens on my birthday and saw that it had been done with a load of colours and those eye test circles with the dots I realised they must have got me the glasses.

“That’s when the video starts and I get emotional as I’m so nervous about trying the glasses on.

PIC FROM Caters News

“When I eventually wore them it was an overwhelming sight. All the reds, greens, pinks and purples seemed to just stand out like never before.

“They were all so crisp, clear and almost shone a luminous colour. The red and the pink plants were the most incredible as the colour of them changed completely from how I normally see them.

“They were so much more vivid.

“It’s like the glasses put an Instagram filter on everything so all the colours are more vibrant. One thing that continues to blow my mind is people’s skin colour. It is so much more life-like and warm and toned compared with the pale skin I normally see.”