Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

Incredible footage shows daredevil Alexandru Streinu, from Arad, Romania, surfing on a river in Munich, Germany.

The surfer can be seen riding a huge wave in the Eisbach channel of the Isar River, which has become a popular hotspot for surfers over the years, due to the constant waves that flow through the channel.

Alexandru said: “I have a friend in Munich who was telling me about this river for the last year.

“I was there for just one day, and I wanted to try surfing in a different environment.

“It is different to surfing in the sea, as you have the same wave that you ride on, and you just need to hold on.

“It’s also definitely colder than the sea for sure!

“I’m always looking to try new experiences, and I really enjoyed surfing in the river.”