By Lauren Campbell

A fearless couple peered over a cliff edge to catch a glimpse of a misty lake.

Jack Harding captured his girlfriend Emma and pal Mark lying down as they waited for the sun to rise over Trolltunga, Norway.

Emma and pal Mark peering over Trolltunga

The group trekked for six hours after driving an eye-watering 12 hours from Stockholm, Sweden, just to see the stunning views.

Jack, originally from Northallerton, Yorkshire, thought their journey was in vain because of the thick fog, but it was worth it when the clouds began to break.

Jack and his girlfriend Emma trekked for six hours after driving from Stockholm, Sweden.

The 25-year-old said: “When we finally made it to the top we couldn’t see a thing, only fog!

“For a moment we thought that we had done this long drive and painful hike for nothing.

“We waited and waited and finally the clouds started to break.

Breathtaking view of Trolltunga

“The fact that you can see the Norwegian lake through a small gap in the fog just gives you an idea of how small we really are in comparison to something so powerful.”