By Hannah McFadyen

Fans of The Italian Job will love this amazing recreation and it’s on sale now.

The bus has even been to Turin, Italy to recreate the famous scenes from the Italian job – including gold bars and the infamous shot of the bus over the edge of the cliff.

Pic from Anthony Barret/Caters News 

It’s even carrying a mini with it throughout its travels and just like in the films it can fit an amazing three minis in.

The bus body was originally bought for £750 and is made from a 1970’s Bedford Val 70 twin steer service bus.

It’s had a lot of work done, including: new breaks, tyres and of course a paint job. Though at an eye-watering £35,000, some people may be put off by the price tag.

Anthony Barret, 50, bought the bus for a charity rally that just happened to go through in Turin – where the Italian Job is set. He said: “The rally goes all round Europe and when I heard where it was this year – I though Turin, perfect!

Pic from Anthony Barret/Caters News

“The Italian Job is one of my favourite films – it’s an iconic film from my childhood. My dad fixed cars too, so I’ve grown up around minis and it was great to re-create the bus for that reason

“It turned out to be the scariest thing I’ve done, because the roads in Italy are mainly on these towering mountain passes that climb up for meters and meters.

“Me and my team mates decided to recreate the famous scenes from the movie – which included hanging it over the cliff. It was incredibly scary – the Lads were saying back up back up, but I was concerned about the breaks!

Pic from Anthony Barret/Caters News 

The bus travelled over 3000 miles throughout Europe and even managed to get up to a speed of 56mph – though it was downhill.

“Every year I do the Screwball rally, you can charity of your own choice and I do it every year for breast cancer and bi polar disorder charities. This year the rally raised £160,000.

“The whole experience was amazing, a fantastic opportunity!”