Video Viral

By David Aspinall

This yoga loving six-month-old proved to be a really happy baby after holding a plank position for an amazing 34 seconds.

Little Rowan McGowan was contentedly lying at the top of mum Dana’s head when she pushed into the static position.

For somebody who can’t even sit up on his own yet, the toned tot maintains impressive form while up on his hands and tiptoes.

With constant encouragement from Dana, Rowan manages to plank for 34 seconds before doing it for a second shorter time earning some kisses from his proud mummy.

Dana, from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, said: “Rowan can’t sit up on his own yet so to see him plank completely shocked me and melted my heart.

“He is on the mat with me every time I practice, which is about 4 days a week.

“It’s amazing how much babies absorb as he only started planking a few days before I took the video.

“He’s getting quite good at it and does them all day long now it’s really motivating.

Dana has been practicing yoga for three years and is now an instructor at Buti Yoga at Play Louisville.