Video Viral

By Ben Walley

This little girl has said CHEERIO to shyness – and got herself a whole new attitude.

Tot Mila Stauffer, 2, was videoed by mum Katie after a shopping trip in which took another shopper’s Cheerios from her basket.

Once home, the normally shy Mila began talking about her triumph and how she is a ‘big girl’, leaving her mum in fits of laughter.

At one point, Katie even fetches her prize from the cupboard, declaring them ‘delicious’.

Katie, a 33-year-old loan officer from Arizona, said: “We didn’t really have much interaction at the grocery store with this except a wave, and she cannot stop talking about it. That means there might be a few more videos!

“It’s funny, they never found out about the stolen Cheerios.

“I like situations like this and others that make her toughen up.

“Mila used to be pretty shy but all of a sudden she is tough and full of personality.

“I’ve been surprised in her change in personality the past few weeks. Her twin sister was always the more outgoing one.

“This is definitely the most outgoing she has ever been, and I think it’s here to stay. I really hope I get to capture more conversations like this.

“As a family we love to make funny videos.”

Katie posts videos of her children five children at on Instagram @kcstauffer.