Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This cute pup just can’t quite grasp the concept of mirrors – she darts back and forth, waiting for the dog in the mirror to take some kind of stand.

The adorable footage was captured by her owner, Jannaya Ruttley.

Euphoria the three-year-old Cane Corso, wags her tail and tries to play this strange mirror dog to no avail, even looking behind the mirror in order to find out where this mystery dog could be.

Jannaya was folding the laundry while faithful Euphoria followed her around when the pup came across a mirror and made the bizarre discovery of her own reflection.

The 27 year old dental nurse, who runs a small kennel in New Plymouth, New Zealand, said: “Not knowing it was herself she was trying to play with the dog in the mirror trying to encourage the dog in the mirror to chase her.

“Confused that the dog wasn’t following her she tried looking for the dog behind the mirror.

“I shared the video in a few Cane Corso groups and everyone was going crazy over it. I thought it was funny but did not expect to get the reaction that we did.

“Euphoria has an amazing character she is very funny and is a very sweet and kind natured dog who loves to run and play with everyone.”