Video Viral

By Charles Creasey

A stay-at-home dad was almost crushed while trying to tow his pal’s truck out of deep mud using a tractor – when it flipped UPSIDE DOWN on top of him.

Adam Gregory was helping to clear bush on his father-in-law’s farm in Yadkinville, North Carolina, US, when the large blue Ford 2000 tractor sank into the muddy ground.

Bizarrely, their bid to use a dark green 98 Dodge Ram 1500 truck for the rescue backfired and that too became stuck in the bog.


Heart-stopping footage shows the moment Adam spins the tractor’s wheels hopelessly in the sludge, before the entire vehicle rears up and tips backwards, falling on top of the dad.

Miraculously, the 29-year-old is spared horrific injuries by curling up like a ball in the gap of his seat to avoid being crushed, before flinging himself to safety at the last second.

His luck continued when the wheel of the tractor kicked back the mud and scooped Adam up with it, pushing him dangerously close to the truck’s spinning wheels – though he saved himself before making contact.

Adam said: “I was completely shocked.

“After it happened I spoke to God for a moment, thanking him for saving my life.

“Then I saw the video and I just realised how close I came to being hurt, but I wasn’t hurt at all.

“When it happened I was just thinking ‘get out of the way’ of the steering wheel and the hood because I thought I was going to be crushed.

“I first noticed the front end of the tractor was too high in the air. It was higher than normal, it had been bouncing but this time it went higher.

“I was bush hogging and my tractor got stuck so a friend was trying to help me get it out. His truck then got stuck.

“We tried tying logs to the tires with chains and the tractor got itself out, then we needed to get the truck out – that’s when the tractor flipped backwards.”


Adam believes someone was looking over him that day and switched off the tractor at the right moment, or he would have been killed.

He is now warning other farm workers to be careful when using the potentially lethal equipment.

Adam said: “When I started the tractor I had it in low third gear. It turned itself off for some reason. This was my father in law’s tractor and even he knew it had never done that before.

“I felt God told me to put it in low first gear because he knew something was about to happen.

“Had I not done this the logs would have gone faster giving me less time to get out of the way and when the log hit me, if that had been going faster I could have been seriously injured.

“I didn’t go to hospital or anything, we were just there trying to figure out how to flip the tractor back onto its four tyres and get everything unstuck.

“I’m from a small town in North Carolina and it’s amazing people all over the world are commenting and sharing.

“If I have any advice for anyone, it’s just think twice about the decisions you make.

“Install a roll bar to your tractor if you don’t have one and put the tractor in reverse if you’re trying to pull something heavy out”

Adams post went viral with people sharing the video more than 44,000 times.