Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

Watch the moment an adorable two-year-old is asked to pay the bill – and her reaction is priceless.

Brooklyn was out for lunch with her grandparents, Alan and Maxine Ray, at Yucatán Mexican Restaurant in South Carolina, USA.

After finishing their food and drink, the waiter presented them with the bill, however Brooklyn looked less than impressed that it had been placed in front of her and continued to stare at the cheque in disbelief.

The waiter joined in with the fun and asked if she ‘wants to do the dishes’, and her grandparents continue to laugh at their granddaughter’s comical reaction.

And Brooklyn’s expression appears to change only after she handed the bill back to Alan.

Alan said: “We enjoy spending time with our granddaughter and taking her out to eat is a fun thing for us to do together.

“Her parents thought the video was hilarious, they couldn’t believe the reaction on her face.

“We were all just so surprised at how she was from laughing one minute to being so serious the next.

“Thankfully she started to giggle again once she handed the bill back over to me.”