By Laura Dale

This is the man who is on a RE-CYCLING mission to clean the River Thames.

Dhurv Boruah has come up with his own solution for dealing with plastic litter left floating in the Thames.

Pic by Caters New

Riding on a handmade bamboo bicycle secured on top of two floats, Dhurv rode on the river in an attempt to collect and geotag plastic rubbish.

Dhurv cycled on his wacky looking water bike from Lechlade to Kew Bridge, scooping up bottles, cartons and cans along the way.

Pic by Caters News 

Over an eight day period Dhurv cycled an impressive 200 miles and collected two bags of rubbish each day.

Dhurv said: “Plastic pollution is becoming a real menace and I biked on the whole length of the river Thames collecting plastic litter just to highlight how important this issue is.

Pic by Caters News

“Since the Port of London did not allow me to take the vessel on the tidal section of the river, I completed the journey on a stand up paddleboard.

Pic by Caters News 

“I’ve been involved a few plastic clean-up projects in London and I wanted to check for myself what was happening on the river.

“It’s really important that we now promote recycling schemes.”