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By Katy Gill

A pair of newlyweds had cause for double celebrations as they revealed the gender of their baby on their wedding day.

Brandon, 29 and Meagan, 25, tied the knot at Saint Marie Among the Hurons in Midland Ontario, Canada, in September.

PIC FROM Caters News in-law, Kelsey, found out the gender through her family doctor and helped organise the reveal. SEE CATERS COPY

But the Binghams had a surprise up their sleeve, and after the ceremony decided to reveal the gender of their unborn baby in front of 140 guests.

Meagan’s sister, Kristen, and cousin in-law, Kelsey, found out the gender through her family doctor and helped organise the reveal.

They asked a friend to create two baseball’s that could be used in the reveal, with one filled with pink dust and the other was filled with blue dust.

Kristen and Kelsey then had the responsibility of picking the correct ball on the day to give to Meagan before she pitched it to Brandon.

Brandon waited eagerly and as soon as he made contact with the plastic ball pink dust filled the air.

The newlyweds appear thrilled with the news, and continue their celebrations with ecstatic family and friends.

PIC FROM Caters News

Meagan, a Security Supervisor, said: “We wanted to find out the gender of the baby during a gender reveal and figured what better time to do it than when we were surrounded by our closest friends and family.

“Ever since I was a child I have been surrounded by baseball, my whole family plays it, however since finding out that I was pregnant I wasn’t able to join in this summer.

“So we decided it would be awesome to do a baseball gender reveal.

“Everyone watching was so surprised, our parents didn’t even know what was coming, so it was very emotional watching them afterwards.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Brandon and I never thought we would have children, at least not this soon, as I’ve had some medical issues, so when we found out we were expecting it was the best day of our lives.

“We’ve received so much positive feedback, it’s incredibly overwhelming and we never imagined that it would reach as many people as it has.

“Our videographer, Kelsey Vere, recorded it live on my Facebook and did such a great job of catching our special moment.

“We wanted family and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding to be able to watch the surprise too.”

The Binghams baby is due on February 4 2018.