Video Viral

By Becca Husselbee

This rider gets a sharp shock after her horse refuses to jump a hedge and comes grinding to a halt.

Poor rider, Becca Bullock, was taking part in the Berkley team chase in October, this year, when her horse decided he had other plans and refused to jump the large hedge, along with his team mates.

The moment was captured on camera by 19-year-old Hector Baker.

He said: “The horse was getting a little tired and the stride was slightly long and the horse decided that he had a better idea.

“The stride was amiss and the horse decided it couldn’t take off.”

Luckily both horse and rider were unhurt but retired after the knock of confidence.

Hector said: “I was shocked to start with but when I saw she was okay, I laughed it off, it’s was just one of those things.

“I’m glad that both horse and rider are okay, It could have been nasty but luckily both horse and rider were fine.

“Becca pulled up and the rest of the team carried on to take the win.”