Offbeat Viral

By Jack Williams

This is the dizzying moment a paraglider’s descent turned into chaos, resulting in him making a crash landing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Filmed using his GoPro, Kjartan Gudmundsson said he was completely unaware of what was happening at first, as he made his rapid discent off the coast of Oludeniz, Turkey.

In the shaky footage, the daredevil can be seen flying comfortably before suddenly becoming distressed, the one side of his parachute collapsing slightly.

Then, as the footage becomes more frenzied, the paraglider starts wildly spiraling, unable to control the situation.

According to Kjartan, 38, his lines became loose and his chute damaged by performing an auto rotation that saw him collapse the right side.

The left side of Kjartan’s parachute then became loose from his harness after a mallion broke – something the Icelandic-born glider could then not recover from.

Accepting his fate and after around a minute of fighting, Kjartan deployed his reserve shoot, less than 25 seconds before he crashed into the ocean.

The incident took place on September 26, 2017, and fortunately for Kjartan, a boat was on hand to take him to safety.

Kjartan said: “When others have seen the video, they have said, ‘This is not possible – this can’t happen.’

“I didn’t know what was happening.

“I thought I had a collapse on the left and tried to fix that, but I couldn’t.

“I had a life jacket and a reserve parachute, was doing this over the water, and had guys on the water monitoring me.

“I love the freedom and the adrenaline kick of doing spirals and other stuff, and I have been flying for two years

“This was an amazing experience, but I was never afraid.”