Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

A Costa Coffee manager was appalled when she thought she had caught one of her barista’s pleasuring himself on shift on camera – but she was quickly left red-faced herself.

Chris Martin and his assistant manager Jade Turner were cleaning after theRayleigh, Essex, branch had closed, when Jade walked behind Chris and was left stunned.

Video footage shows Chris, who has developed a reputation in the workplace as a hit with male customers, bent over in the corner while his hand moves furiously back and forth.

Appalled, Jade asks Chris what he is doing – but Jade is left red-faced when Chris turns round to reveal he was simply scrubbing one of the stainless steel jug for hot milk.

Jade, 25, said: “I was shocked but soon realised it wasn’t what it looked like. With Chris anything is possible.

“If it was real, the shock would’ve left me speechless. I would’ve been completely horrified but would’ve had to say something.”

Now Chris has been fending off online advances from older men who are interested in his skills but claims he’ll never take them up on their offers.

Chris, 20, said: “Jade came into the kitchen and was like ‘what the hell are you doing Chris?’

“Apparently I’m a bit of a ‘rascal’ at work but I can’t believe she thought I’d be doing that in the back.

“We’ve worked together for about seven months so we are close enough to see the funny side of it. She’s got a great sense of humour.

“We have a WhatsApp group for work and everyone has just been leaving funny comments.

“I’ve even had some weird messages over Facebook from men saying ‘you can make my coffee any day’ and things. People have been coming onto me but I don’t plan on taking them up on it.

“One of the men who messaged me was about 60-years-old and from America, so I’m really not sure if he has ever even been into Costa.

“I know quite a lot of people have seen the video and it’s had about 160 likes so far. I just knew we had to share it because it was such a funny situation.”

Costa were contacted for comment.