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Katy Gill

This dog is being the best furry little-brother as he can be seen licking the baby clean after he spills food on himself.

After Jucinda Tierson’s son Deuntae Jr spilt food over himself, puppy Bailey made sure he was on cleaning duties right by his side.

When the four-month-old drops food on himself, the golden retriever can be seen licking all of the food from the baby’s body.

Deuntae’s mother, Jaucinda, caught this moment on camera during one of their meal times.

Jaucinda, from Watertown, Wisconsin, said: “This was actually the first time I had given my son baby food in front of Bailey.

“I was feeding Tae on the floor in the living room, and when he finished Bailey took it upon himself to get all of the food Tae had dropped.

“Tae loves Bailey – my son is four-months-old and Bailey is only 10 days younger than him.”