Video Viral

By Ben Walley 

Watch the heart stopping a moment a pick-up truck swerves to avoid causing a head-on collision.

Matthew Sayers was driving along route 120 between Emporium and St Mary’s in the state of Pennsylvania when an oncoming vehicle drifted into his lane.

The silver pick-up truck appears to be heading straight for Matthew’s car, which was ferrying five passengers, but thankfully swerved at the last minute.

Matthew later learned that the driver had passed out at the wheel and drove straight into a tree after they passed Matthew’s vehicle.

Matthew, who caught the near miss on his dash cam, said: “There were five people in my vehicle including myself, two people in their 60’s, one in their 40’s and a teenager.

“We were driving this route on our way to Kersey in Pennsylvania.

“Thankfully everyone in my vehicle was ok, just a little shaken up.

“Bystanders called 911 and I showed the dash cam footage to the State Trooper when they showed up and left my contact details with them.

“I guess that the driver of the pickup truck was in his 60’s, he suffered a cut on his arm and was complaining of chest pains.

“After we drove away we didn’t have any further contact with the driver.”