By Jamie Smith

This bird can be seen dramatically divebombing from the top of the a cliff in the Italian Alps.

The action shot shows a small black bird – called an Alpine Chough – diving from a cliff – after it was buffeted by strong winds.

April Anderson / Caters News

This shot, exuberating the true power of the bird, was taken by April Anderson in the Italian Alps.

April said: “It was summer and we had taken the cable car up to one of the Italian Alps in the shadow of the Matterhorn, which was usually a ski destination.

“In walking around the area, I glanced over to see a craggy cliff with several of these small blackbirds sitting there being whipped by the intense wind that was blowing through.

“I was about to walk on since we were also being pummelled, when I saw one of the birds execute a perfect dive into the valley thousands of feet below.

April Anderson / Caters News

“I thought it might have just been a fluke, but as I watched, there developed a perfect flight synergy and symmetry as each bird seemed to take a turn diving and returning to the ledge.

“There did not seem to be a purpose other than honing their extreme winged skills as none seemed to return with any food.

“It was quite fascinating and well worth being beaten by the wind for a few minutes.”