Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

A no-nonsense toddler aged just two was caught on camera wrestling a large DEAD RABBIT into her toy oven in a cute attempt to copy her mum in the kitchen.

Little Winter-Rose Connor lives on a farm in Wick, Scotland, with her family and the tot has learn to appreciate their surroundings and take advantage of anything nature provides.


So while out for a walk with mum Kirsty Moore last Tuesday, Winter-Rose did not batter an eyelid when their lurchers caught a rabbit – instead proudly carrying the carcass home for dinner.

Once home, the toddler wasted no time setting to work in a bid to replicate her mum’s cooking, and Kirsty’s hilarious footage shows the moment she caught her trying to stuff the bunny in her toy oven.

Dog groomer Kirsty praised her ‘confident’ daughter for embracing life on the farm and quickly learning to accept the grisly process required to put meat on the table, which many meat-eaters prefer to shy away from.

Kirsty, 34, said: “When I caught Winter-Rose trying to shove the rabbit in the oven, I’d been outside filming the dogs running around the lane. She was obviously copying me from when I cook them.

“Winter-Rose had taken the rabbit out of the car and carried it inside the shed to her oven.

“I carried on filming because I’m always used to her doing daft things. I went inside to find her trying to put it in the toy oven.


“Winter-Rose loves going out hunting with the dogs and within 20 minutes of being down on the farm, the dogs had killed a rabbit. She said she wanted to take it home for dinner straight away.

“She has no fear and is never upset when she sees the realities, even when I’m skinning the rabbits for dinner.

“The first time she witnessed it, she started crying but I think it was the shock of the rabbit squealing and suddenly being dead. Now she’s not bothered because she knows she can eat it.

“After we get the animals home, she’ll help to prepare it by skinning and gutting it.

“This kind of things opens her eyes to the real world and it’s great that she’ll never grow up thinking food just comes from a supermarket.

“Rather than being narrow-minded, she knows about the realities of where her food comes from.

“We don’t kill rabbits for fun or sport. It’s for pest control because they can get out of hand and we eat them when we kill them.

“We cooked the rabbit with sautéed garlic, peppers and chillies. She was helping me rub garlic into the meat not long after it’d been skinned.”

As the family await their house being built on the farmland, mum, daughter, dad Keith Connor [Kirsty’s fiancé], 36, and brother, Finn, 7, regularly visit their grandparents, who live on the same land.

Kirsty and her fiancé have enjoyed bringing their children up in a rural area and living from their land. As shown by Winter-Rose, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Full of confidence and fiercely independent for a toddler, Kirsty hopes the skills Winter-Rose has learned on the farm will put her in good stead for nursery when she starts in January.

The little girl also has her own pony and pet rabbits that she cares for but embracing her love of the outdoors, she is also fascinated by the tractors too.

Kirsty said: “She just gets on with things and loves getting involved with life on the farm.

“She’s obsessed with the machinery as well and loves playing on the tractors.

“When we go out hunting, she’ll run over to the terriers and take the rabbit from their mouths then bring it back to me, and she’ll happily ride her pony around with no fear.

“I think the benefits of living in this environment are that she is far more outgoing than any other two-year-olds I know. She’s very practical for her age.”