Life Video

By Ben Walley

THIS is the moment a young Harry Styles fan broke down in tears after finding out she had tickets to see her idol.

Little Kemery Ball had a “complete melt down” as her mum told her she would be seeing the One Direction superstar.

The 12-year-old had been begging to see the singer in concert but thought tickets had completely sold out.

But mum Andrea Ball – who filmed the youngster’s reaction in her friend’s driveway – had managed to get her hands on some.

The accountant, 41, said: “I was picking her up after I got off of work.  I was too excited to wait to give her the tickets.

“She has always been a fan of One Direction.  She is 12 now and has been a fan since she was around seven- years-old.

“Harry is her favourite.  She truly loves him. But she has never been to a One Direction or a Harry Styles concert before.”

The family, who live in California, will go to see Harry in action next year.

Andrea added: “She knew about the tour but heard tickets sold out right away.

“She then found out there were 2018 tickets, she got online the morning before I bought the tickets and saw there was a presale and it was over.

“She cried thinking there was no way she was going to get tickets.  It was bed time when we had the conversation so I told her I would look in the morning to see when the tickets went on sale.

“We didn’t realize the 2018 tickets were on sale.  I wasn’t accustomed to tickets selling so far ahead of time for concerts.

“The next morning I went online and realized the tickets were on sale.

“She had no idea. I knew she would be excited and cry a little.  I wasn’t expecting her to have a complete melt down.

“The reason I stopped the video is she began to mildly hyperventilate.  She cried for like an hour after I stopped filming her.  For the rest of the day she cried on and off.

“She is so excited.  She still keeps breaking in to tears thinking about how she will get to hear and see him live.”