Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This is the moment a playful dog makes friends with a squirrel, before attempting to chase it through a window.

One-year-old Luna appears to have fun following the wild squirrel’s every movement.

The playful pup is a Pointer and Boxer cross, and her owners Kirsty and Jason adopted her from a puppy rescue charity in Spain.

Chris Vernon, 34, a friend of Jason, filmed the pooch playing with the furry creature at his home in Glasgow.

PIC FROM Caters News

Chris said: “Luna is an incredibly friendly dog who tries to play with any person or animal she sees.

“We have a family of squirrels that live in the trees beside us, they have been there for the last four years.

“My girlfriend Mags feeds all of the wildlife in the area, so we constantly have squirrels and birds visiting our garden.

“The squirrels even come and tap on the window when the food is empty, which is why this one’s so bold.

“I’ve not seen Luna with a squirrel outdoors yet, but I assume she’d be chasing it around trying to get it to play with her.

“When the squirrel left, Luna ran from window to window for hours crying trying to find him again and was constantly up at the window for the rest her time with us waiting for him to come back.”