Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the breathtaking moment a herd of 100 wild elephants are seen crossing the paddy fields to reach their natural habitat in India.

The mesmerising event took place in Odisha in eastern India when the massive herd had entered Rasgovind Pur area to reach Nilagiri Forest from neighbouring state of West Bengal.

As soon as the news of the massive herd of the wild animals spread in the village, people gathered at the fields and started capturing the moment in their mobile phones.

“This is the first time I have seen these many wild elephants together. They kept moving in sync calmly,” said an eyewitness to the rare sight.

In the video, the huge elephants can be seen walking in tandem with their babies as villagers cry in joy.

Luckily, none of the giants had attacked the villagers who kept shouting and clicking pictures of them.

Odisha houses 70% of the total population of elephants in eastern India and has been witnessing frequent human-elephant conflict.

The wild animals move long distance in search of food and require substantial areas to support their ecological needs.

However, with the expansion of the human corridors and fragmentation of traditional elephant corridors resulting in loss of natural habitat, the elephants are forced to raid villages and split into cities.

At least 423 elephants have perished since 2011-12 and 421 human deaths have been reported in the same time period.

Just last month, a man had been trampled by an angry elephant while trying to take a selfie with it when the animal had accidentally strayed into a village.