Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This retired father’s 50-year-long dream to own the car he drove as a teenager comes true, thanks to an incredible surprise from his doting son.

After selling his 1959 cherry red Chevrolet Corvette in his early twenties, for the last half-a-century, 73-year-old Larry Drennan has dreamed of getting behind the wheel of his dream car once again.


Luckily for Larry, son Tyler, who remains ‘incredibly grateful’ for the ‘amazing upbringing’ his dad provided him, is on hand to help make this dream a reality.

Calling into his dad’s home in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA, Tyler hurries his father into the garage under the guise he has something in his truck for him.

Taken aback by the camera focused on him, the retired salesman still remains none the wiser when Tyler hands him a set of car keys, sayin, ‘This is for you.’

Looking out to the driveway to see a 1999 cherry red convertible Corvette, Larry laughs at Tyler, believing it to be a prank, saying, ‘I’m going to get one of those one day,’ failing to yet realise he now has.

After Tyler announces he’s bought it for him, Larry can barely believe his eyes, asking his son, ‘Are you insane?’, before jumping behind the wheel and smiling as he revs the engine.

Tyler, who planned the surprise and bought the car all by himself, said: “After selling his car when he was younger, it’s always been his dream to own another Corvette.

“My dad has been there with me through all the good and the bad, so I took it upon myself to make his dream come true.


“He always goes above and beyond for others, so I thought it was about time someone did the same for him.

“It’s the least I could do to make him understand how valuable his friendship is to me.

“I kept it a complete secret until a few days prior, where I let some family members know.

“I was very nervous that someone would let the surprise slip, so I chose to work alone.

“It was definitely worth it all – I feel so blessed to be able to show my gratitude towards my father.

“He was so rattled by the surprise he locked himself out of the house twice that day.

“He keeps telling me how he walks out into the garage just to stare at it, he still can’t believe it’s his.

“If anyone deserves this, it’s my father.”