By Mollie Mansfield

A student who lost her legs when she was run over by a train says she was ‘left to die on a train track’ after believing her drink was spiked on a night out.

Mandy Horvath lost both of her legs above the knee after she was hit by a coal train as she lay blacked out on the track near a bar she had been in Steele City, Kansas.

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The pretty student says she remembers going outside for a cigarette in her local pub – before blacking out and waking up in an ambulance with medics battling to save her life after she was hit by a train travelling at 50mph.

But three years on, Mandy, 24, is now able to take a few steps using her new prosthetics – and is determined not to let her horrific ordeal stop her living life to the fullest.

Mandy, who lives in Colorado, United States, said: “I believe I was spiked with a date-rape drug and left for dead on the tracks, because I was found half a mile from the pub and have no memory of getting there.

“I know I hadn’t had a lot to drink, I had two beers and two shots – my bar tab and blood alcohol content showed that.

“I remember going outside of the pub for a cigarette and feeling a bit hazy – then nothing.

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“When I was found, doctors were obviously focused on my leg injuries and saving my life – I wasn’t tested to see if the drug was in my system.

“The doctors initially thought I had tried to commit suicide. By the time I could tell them what I remembered, it was too late to test.

“The police did investigate, but nothing has ever been proven.

“My last memory is smoking a cigarette outside and then it all goes hazy – the next thing I know, I’m in an ambulance with no legs.

“After being told by the paramedic that my legs were gone, I started to panic and tried to kick them in the air, it was only after I saw my blood everywhere that I knew it was true.”

Mandy had gone on a night out with some new friends in July 2014.

On her night out she only drank two bottles of beer and two shots, and believes one of the drinks was spiked.

After waking up in an ambulance, Mandy was astonished to discover that she was hit by train hundreds of yards from the pub and believes she had been spiked and left on the tracks for dead.

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Mandy added: “I was having a great night until this happened.

“I remember taking my last drink of the night outside to have a cigarette.

“The next moment I woke up I was in the back of an ambulance and was being told that my legs were ripped off by being hit by a train.

“It’s suspected that I was given a date rape drug, but that couldn’t be confirmed because they couldn’t do a blood panel test on me when I was in hospital.

“I had to stay in the hospital for months to receive surgery on what was left of my legs, but whilst I was in there I was determined that this wasn’t going to destroy me.

“From then on I focused on getting myself up and walking again, I’ve always been very active and knew straight away that I’d get through it.”

After the accident, Mandy had to stay in the hospital for several months whilst doctors tried to perform surgery to salvage her leg tissue.

Despite various surgeries, the remaining bones of Mandy’s leg began to grow, which led to them being amputated again.

But now, Mandy is taking her first steps.

Mandy said: “It was heart-breaking because, despite 12 months of recovery, I still wasn’t able to learn to walk again.

“It wasn’t until April 2015 that I was able to try my prosthetics.

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“The first prosthetics that I was given were suction sockets – and because my body weight was fluctuating regularly it meant that my legs would fall off.

“But when I moved from Kansas to Colorado I was able to get better prosthetics and I’ve been learning to walk with them since.

“Every day I wear them is a challenge and I’m still learning to walk with them now.”

Despite Mandy facing the unimaginable, she has still carried on being the active person that she was before her incident – and she hasn’t let her disability stop her from enjoying life.

Mandy added: “I was always into the outdoors and even though I’ve lost my legs, I’m still like that today.

“Even now I do boxing, horse riding and I’m always out and about. I go to university now and live a beautiful life – the funny thing is that losing my legs has kept me grounded.

“I do still have trust issues due to potentially having my drink spiked but I am improving.

“I have been on nights out with friends since but now I monitor my drinks at all time, you can never be too careful.”

Mandy is now raising money towards her medical care, if you would like to donate to her cause visit: