By Lauren Fruen 

A DOG left his owner devastated after eating his brand new copy of Fifa 18 – before he even had a chance to open it.

Connor McIlory, 25, came home from work last Friday to find the chewed up packaging of his new game and a sheepish looking puppy.

Pic from Connor McIlroy/Caters News 

The junior doctor from Belfast, Northern Ireland, took hilarious images of dog Sam with the destroyed £50 game which had only just come out.

In the pictures Sam – a cross breed between Labrador, golden retriever and beagle – looks on guiltily as owner Connor holds the ruined disc.

Connor said: “I had pre-ordered the game from Amazon. I was looking forward to coming home and playing it last Friday.

Pic from Connor McIlroy/Caters News 

Pic from Connor McIlroy/Caters News

“But when I came home I found the chewed disc. I was devastated.

“I think Sam had completely forgotten about what he had done. He actually tried to play with me by bringing me a football.

“Initially I was a bit annoyed with Sam but he is such a lovely dog you instantly forgive him.”

Connor wrote to Amazon on Facebook pleading for their help.

He said: “Pre-ordered, arrived home Friday to this. Have a heart and help a guy out.”

Pic from Connor McIlroy/Caters News 

The company have since replaced the game free of charge and new one was dispatched to him Sunday.

And Connor added: “I wouldn’t change Sam for anything despite destroying my Fifa.

“He’s great natured and very affectionate.

“And Amazon sent me a new game free of charge. It arrived on Tuesday.”