Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall 

Twenty-two base jumpers have created a human waterfall while releasing their pal’s ashes.

Chris McDougall / Caters News

The jump, organised by Chris McDougall, 41, from Australia, was from a waterfall at mountain Kjerag, Norway.

The professional base jumper first started jumping over 20 years ago, and now teaches the activity as well as practicing it.

Chis and his 21 friends decided to release their pal, Tedd Rudd’s ashes after he died in a jumping accident in 2011.

Chris now uses his expertise to emphasise the safety precautions needed for safe jumps.

Chris McDougall / Caters News

He said: “If organised and executed correctly then base jumping is safe, but you must be safe and make smart decisions at all times.

“I put a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure this jump was safe.”