By Sophie Norris

A brazen squirrel was caught on camera appearing to go ‘shopping’ for nuts while pushing a mini TROLLEY – leaving onlookers to stare in amazement at the cheeky creature.


The hilarious sequence of photos show the animal appearing to load up the tiny trolley with monkey nuts and conkers before taking hold of the handlebar and seemingly pushing it through the park.

The colourful character was spotted by dad-of-two Simon Dell, in Sheffield, South Yorks, while on a day out with his wife and he laid out the trolley full of nuts to lure the creature to pose for the shoot.

However getting the photos was easier said than done, as the ‘ninja’-like critter would tip over the trolley and steal a nut before Simon could get the perfect shot.


After 40 minutes of back and forth with the cheeky pest and developing quite a crowd, the squirrel finally got the hang of it and Simon caught the photos he was after.

Simon, 43, said: “The squirrel kept running over, grabbing the trolley and knocking it over as I was getting a photo. Then when I walked over to stand the trolley back up, it’d steal a nut.

“They’re pretty used to people around there so they’re not timid. They can be quite cunning really, when they know you have food.

“They’ll creep up behind you, grab things out of your pockets and bags.

“He was pretty cheeky and moved like a ninja for those nuts. We spent about 40 minutes attempting to get those images in the end.”


Simon, an amateur photographer and wood artist, regularly visits beauty spots across the country, and wildlife features heavily in his work.

His wife, Nicola, 37, also enjoys photography so the pair both attempted to take snaps of the squirrel.

Simon said: “I’d had a stash of nuts and conkers over my last year and we were just placing out the props when a squirrel came running over.

“The squirrels can be so amusing to watch. People were watching us with this trolley and the squirrel.


“I’d visited the Botanical Gardens and took some props with me to get the autumnal images.

“My wife had tried to get her pictures of the squirrel too and it knocked the trolley over about five times then as well.

“It was funny. The wildlife really is part of the joy of going there for us – I could sit there for hours.

“I got about 100 photos in the end of different things.”