Offbeat Video

By Helen Le Caplain

This is the moment a ‘terror’ tot tried to ‘copy’ his mum’s beauty regime – by plastering his poor twin brother in a thick layer of Sudocrem.

Caery Welsh burst into fits of laughter when she walked into the living room to discover two-year-old Jake with a full face of the antiseptic cream while twin Elis chuckled next to him.


The video shows a sheepish Jake covered in the white goo refusing to reveal who the cream culprit was when asked by Caery, only flashing a coy smile.

But later on Elis outs himself as the wannabe beautician when he saunters up to his brother, touches his face and bursts into fits of giggles – before Jake retaliates by playfully pushing Elis over.

Full-time mum Caery from Oakdale, Caerphilly, said: “I was just hysterical when I saw what happened.

“When I walked into the living room the first thing I did was pick my phone up. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I had to film it – I couldn’t stop laughing.

“In fairness, he did a pretty good job keeping it out Jake’s eyes and mouth.

“He’s probably been watching me put moisturiser on – he’s pretty clued on watching everything we do – and is very curious.

“I’m just glad it was on him and not much else.”

Mum-of-three Caery said she left utility reader hubby Dan, 40, in charge of keeping an eye on the boys for five minutes while she dealt with chores upstairs two weeks ago [SEPT  24].

She only discovered the cream carnage when Dan shouted her down in a panic.


Caery, 38, said: “I went upstairs to put the washing in the tumble dryer and left my husband in charge – he decided to wash the dishes and left them in the living room next door.

“Five minutes later he shouted me down and I saw what happened.

“I normally hide the Sudocrem behind one of the pictures on my side unit, if they have a sore bum I tell them not to worry and that I’ll put ‘Mummy’s magic cream’ on it to make it better.

“So while Dan’s been out of the room, for five minutes tops, Elis had obviously clocked it, climbed up on one of the chairs, rummaged around on the top and found it.

“It took a good couple of washes with a flannel to get it out of Jake’s eyes and hair – and even afterward his hair was ‘waxy’.

“They turned two in August and have hit the terrible twos – they’re definitely double trouble and I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Former support worker Caery said she never did get to the bottom of what actually happened, and only got a gleeful ‘Jakey’s nuts’ out of Elis.


Caery said: “Jake looked pretty sheepish about the whole thing – I never did manage to get a reason out of them but I think it was definitely down to the both of them.

“They are very close. I think Jake’s the instigator, Elis pretends it’s not him and then Jake gets the blame.

“It’s definitely a case of lesson learned. I was always pretty cautious – that’s why I hid it in the first place as they’re both so curious – but now the Sudocrem lives on a very high shelf in the bathroom.

“I will be keeping even more of a beady eye on them in future. If the pair of them suddenly go very quiet you know they are up to something and you need to get in there quickly.”