Life Video

By Jack Williams

This incredibly brave rescuer showed the calmness needed to save a snake from the most unlikely of places – in a darkened, underground watertank.

While many would be fearful of entering the pitch-black tank, Lachlan “Lockie” Gilding showed no hesitation in heading down to rescue the trapped carpet python.

Pic from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers / Caters

Talking viewers through the rescue, Lockie, 23, headed into the tank via a ladder before detaching the snake, which was wrapped around a central pipe.

The rescue took place in Cooroy, Queensland, Australia, where Lockie is part of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

Lockie said: “The major worry with this job was having to enter a large smooth-sided tank that has been closed for a long period of time.

“As a precaution, we had to use a ladder to get in and out safely, and we also had to run a test on the air inside the tank to make sure it was safe to enter.”

The rescue took place on August 27, 2017, and was one of many rescues Lockie and his team make daily.

Despite its obvious distress, the snake showed a great temperament and was very gentle, Lockie said.

Pic from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers / Caters

The carpet python was later released into nearby bushland.

Lockie added: “The biggest fascination with working with snakes is that you never know what you are going to turn up to when you arrive on a job.

“The response to the video has been great and very positive.

“This python was about as gentle as they come – no doubt she was pretty happy to see the light of day again.”