Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran


Beep beep! These guinea pigs are arriving in style after being spotted driving Ferrari and Lamborghini remote controlled cars.

Buster and Bingo now have their own Instagram page after their owner, Melissa Trihey, from Montreal, Canada, came home one day to find them sat inside two toy Ferrari cars.

PIC FROM Caters News

The mum of two found it hilarious and now the duo have 117,000 online followers, with posts showcasing the guinea pigs driving skills, in cars which include everything from batmobiles to pink Barbie jeeps.

The guinea pigs aren’t the only animals in the family – Melissa also owns two dogs, two chinchillas, five chickens, one piglet and two ducks.

Melisa said: “Our love for animals is why we created Bingo and Buster an Instagram account.

“We take all pictures and videos as a family and have a blast doing it, its real bonding time for our entire Furball clan!”