Taniya Dutta

When Sofian Loho Dandel received a wrong call, he had not expected it would last nearly an hour and that after a year, he would end up marrying the caller.

Sofian, a 28-year-old garage mechanic fell in love with the voice of Martha Potu so much that he decided to meet her in person.

But when he reached Martha’s house, then a widow, he could not believe the person who answered the doorbell was her.

PIC BY Lukman Polimenggo/ Caters News – Sofian Loho Dandel with his wife Martha Potu holding their wedding photo

Contrary to his dream woman-a damsel with flawless skin, an elderly woman, who was almost 54 years his senior, with a wrinkly face was welcoming him with a smile from ear-to-ear.

While Sofian was shocked as Martha, whom he had already expressed his love, had not disclosed her age over the phone calls, his feelings remained undeterred.

The two chatted for hours and Sofian learnt Martha had been living a lonely life after her husband died ten years ago and her two children left the country to work abroad.

Moved by her story, Sofian, who had never dated before, promised to stay with her forever.

PIC BY Lukman Polimenggo/ Caters News CATERS COPY.

On February 18 this year, they exchanged wedding vows in presence of their family and loved ones in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The overjoyed groom said: “It all started after a call came into my cell phone a year ago. I just answered it not knowing who it was. I loved how she introduced herself and how politely she was talking. Then on, we continued chatting over the phone.

“She was caring and full of energy and with each passing day, I was drawing towards her. I had never dated before and started feeling in love.

“I could not wait to meet her but I did not know how old she was. But we felt really in love and agreed to continue this relationship,” added Sofian.

But the road to their marriage was not all rosy as Indonesia being a conservative society, there were some strong opposition from their families to their relationship.

However, the lovers eventually won over their families with their determination and loyalty for each other.

Sofian’s mother Magdalena, 60, said: “We did not know he had chosen a grandmother! He had kept her age hiding from us until we met her. We were naturally surprised but seeing their love for each other, we not know if his future wife, a grandmother. Very surprised at the time, but what can I say. We see them love each other, so we accepted his choice.”

PIC BY Lukman Polimenggo/ Caters News

For Martha, who has the blush of a new-bride on her face, her husband is a God’s gift to her.

“I used to pray God for a companion who can take care of me at this old age and he answered my prayers by sending Sofian as a blessing into my life,” the old bride said.

The unusual couple has become the talk of the town after a guest uploaded their pictures from the wedding on the internet.